Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A year already? So long incubator!

How time flies... A year ago, we checked ADF Faces into the Apache incubator. Now, we're out of the incubator, we're named Trinidad, and we're officially part of the Apache MyFaces project. You can visit our site, and download nightly builds .

A lot has happened in this past year - a few highlights:
  • A bunch of new committers were added from inside Oracle and, most importantly, from outside Oracle
  • All the ins-and-outs of running an Apache project were ably handled by Matthias Wessendorf
  • Skinning functionality has gotten a lot better, mostly courtesy of Jeanne Waldman
  • Portlet support from Scott O'Bryan
  • Client-side validation now looks much better (no more JS alerts), from Danny Robinson
  • Lots and lots of bugs (300+) were put to ground
  • New components - a spinbox and an outputDocument
  • JSF 1.2 support was implemented (on a branch); the MyFaces implementation of the 1.2 JSF API uses a Trinidad plugin to generate components and tags.
  • And, I got engaged! (The future Mrs. even lets me get away with working on Trinidad at home.)

It all took awhile, and a lot of work, but we're all glad to have reached this point.


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